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Here are the steps we recommend and some examples to quickly show you how to generate income with Katapult. You will quickly understand that this is only a small part and that the possibilities are endless!​

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Choose a good logo and name so that your customers clearly identify you when they are connected.
Upload your files & media
Upload all your documents and videos, so that they are secure on your application. You can simply drag & drop them on the web library. These files will also be accessible from your mobile application.
Don't have exercise videos yet? No problem, we've provided you with over 200 standard exercise videos for free. You just have to ask us during our call. Isn't life beautiful?
Import your existing customers
To import your customers, you can upload a .csv file and in two clicks, your customers will receive an invitation by email to download Katapult and join your new business! And you know what? If you’re worried you don’t have time for this, we will be happy to take care of it for you.
Just ask us during the call and send us the list of your customers, in the file of your choice. This information will remain completely confidential.
Create teams
Create your teams. Secret if you don't want other customers to see them (then you can only add them yourself, like in a WhatsApp group), private or public if you want customers to be able to find you on the app and join your groups themselves. This is the added value of Katapult!
Teams with a fee
Are you interested in creating teams that add to your income? In the team settings, you just have to choose if the payment is one-time or monthly. Your customers, even those already on the team, will have to take out their credit card before they can access the chat again.
No hidden fees
A quick word on payments. As stated, Katapult takes NO COMMISSION on any teams or events you create! Stripe, which collects the payments, takes ~ 3% commission, and everything else goes to you!
Create an event
Made your first event, and even make it a paid event. Available to your registrants on your application. You can limit the number of registrations, define the registration date, but also make it chargeable. No more problems chasing registrants to pay you!
Enjoy streaming with reimbursement
Hey, do you stream? Streaming has become popular due to the COVID-19 health crisis, and your customers are surely asking for specialized content from you. With Katapult, you no longer need Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team, and above all you can finally monetize it! It’s simple: you create a paid public team, you wait for your customers to join, and when you want to start the stream, you click on the "Stream" button in the chat. Each registered customer receives a push notification
Forms are the keys to a good follow-up
Forms are central to Katapult! Prepare them in your bookstore, on the web, or on mobile. Add as many questions as you want. Once created, you can either fill it out yourself for a customer or send it to a customer. All completed forms will be stored in the customer's profile, and if the responses are numeric values, a graph is created automatically!
The media form: priceless!
Replying with media: a Katapult innovation! Instead of responding with a number or text, you can choose a "media" response type. You can answer the question with a photo or video, and this answer will also be logged in the customer's profile. Imagine the endless possibilities: a weight loss photo, a photo of test result, a photo of client's plate, a video of a forehand in tennis, a video of a yoga routine to check its quality, a photo of the evolution of an injury.
What are the "Smartplans"?
What is a "Smartplan"?
A Smartplan is a scheduling tool. Schedule content (videos, images, files, texts) in advance to be sent at the desired date and time. Each Smartplan can be started for a team. Better, each Smartplan can be made available on your application for all your customers. Even better, they can be chargeable! You do the job once, and sell it endlessly!
Sell "Smartplans" !
A Smartplan can also automate the sending of a form, for example. Create a Smartplan in which the form is sent every Monday, and start it for your team. The best part? Your customers will feel like they are receiving a message from you, as if you are taking care of them. :)
Let's introduce you to the Team Generator
The Team Generator allows you to create services, which will be available to your customers. They will be able to buy your services to be put in direct contact in a team with you, on a specific service. Once the service is finished, you delete the team. Thanks to the Team Generator, you define the quantity of services available.
No more messing around on your WhatsApp for customer questions, now they'll pay to benefit from your expertise.
Create expert alliances
Grow your business! Thanks to Katapult, you can create a real digital business. Partner with a friend who will complement your expertise to make your clients feel supported. They trust you, so introduce them to people as knowledgeable as you, rather than letting them get lost on the internet. Are you a sports coach? Why not ask a nutritionist to intervene in case of a question? Then to a physiotherapist, a professional sports equipment, and a mental coach.
Add a sponsor (in lots of ways!)
You will have many ways to engage a sponsor, much more than with product placements on YouTube or Instagram. Send push notifications in a team with a link to your sponsor. You can also rename your application with the name and logo of a sponsor "your app by ...", if you are in an ongoing partnership. Another solution is to offer a store to have a team of their own on the app, or a free service on the Team Generator. Your customers will be able to ask questions directly to the manager.
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Create an event

Made your first event, and even make it a paid event. Available to your registrants on your application. You can limit the number of registrations, define the registration date, but also make it chargeable. No more problems chasing registrants to pay you!