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Here are the steps we recommend and some examples to quickly show you how to generate income with Katapult. You will quickly understand that this is only a small part and that the possibilities are endless!​

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1. Create free or paid group

By theme

Per service

By target group

Per individual

By objective

Per challenge

Secret, private or public

2. Create free or paid newsfeed

One-way communication


3. Get paid while streaming live video

Via a group

Via the service generator

One time charge or subscription

4. Easily manage both free and paid events

Create session of streaming, manage subscription and get paid

book a 1-1 physical session, phone call etc.

Private or public

5. Turn your knowledge into amazing plans

Create smartplan

Automatise your job

Attach it to a service via the service generator

Share it in the Marketplace

6. Create and manage services

Service generator (quantity, price and availability)

Manage who is responsible for the service

Attach plans to offer a better experience

7. Ultra-personalized followup

Automatised collection of data with forms

Media form

8. Create trainings with videos (coach sport)

Teach customers the rights movements

9. Sending and receiving videos

Video analysis

Customer correction

10. Involve sponsors

In your services

Communication channel for partners into your digital fitness

Sponsorised plans

11. Create your alliance of experts

Offer them a tool

Offert them a ecosystem

Offer them revenues

Generate revenues