The future of e-coaching in your hands

Katapult is the world’s first e-coaching franchise to have it all in one user-friendly application.

We are the Katapult you need to make your business take off !

We are the first-ever digital franchise in the world of e-coaching. We have worked with some of the largest sports and health institutions in the world (FISU, IOC, Nestle, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health), but as we have an entrepreneurial mindset, we decided to start our franchise system for everyone, as we want to help all of the coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to get the ball rolling on their own business. We want to make your dreams come true. 

We want to help...

🧘 the personal trainer whose gym is now closed, either temporarily or permanently.

🏋️‍♀️ the fitness coach who has been dreaming about opening their own business.

⛹️‍♂️ the basketball coach who has been considering starting their own academy.

🎾 the tennis coach who has an entrepreneurial spirit but does not know where to start.


We want to help YOU build YOUR digital e-coaching business.

What you can expect as a franchisee:

✔️ A call to get to know you and understand what business you envision

✔️ A training on digital marketing

✔️ A training on the turn-key business we are offering

✔️ A monthly meeting with us to discuss business

✔️ A help desk to answer all the questions you may have

We have a limit of

only 100 coaches,

so don’t delay, sign up today!

This limit helps us to support you and your new business personally.


We want to see you succeed.

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24 hours a day

It can be hard to expand your income when clients are only available outside of the typical 9-5 workday.

With Katapult, you can earn money while drinking your morning coffee. Not a morning person? Feel free to respond to clients in the evening on your couch.

E-coaching allows you to work with your clients on your time-when and where it works best for you.

Goodbye to schedule constraints.

Hello to an increased income!


access to an unlimited network

A franchise allows you to have an unlimited number of clients, something we will never limit.


The franchise will also allow you to gain clients from all around the world, making you gain more notoriety and ultimately, more income!

Unleash your expert knowledge and gain more notoriety.

Now is your chance!

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create your own business

Creating your own business is one of the best ways to ensure your own personal and financial freedom.


Working for yourself allows you to choose when you want to work, where you want to work, and who you want to work with.

We help you set your business free!

What are you waiting for?


This is why we are offering you a turn-key business, that allows you as a coach to generate income quickly and simply and grow online.


All with one-on-one support and training from us.

We are not just an application, we are here to help you build your digital fitness center.

Sign up today and make your first earnings in less than a week

Why today and not tomorrow?

We'll give you 3 more reasons!


The market is here

Why are programs like AppleFitness+ coming out?

It's beacause there is a vast market of those wanting online personal trainers.


Don't lose your business to companies like Apple

Coaching is like art, and no algorithm will replace the artist you are! We give you the power of digital, keeping human at the center.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world

It has made us more digital and more remote; many are abandoning their gym memberships for good.

However, this does not mean that people do not still need you, a coach, to guide them with their fitness goals.



Ice Hockey coach

With Katapult I can better share my experience with my players. There is everything a hockey player would dream of finding!

Pierre-André BLONDEL

Tennis coach

Katapult allows me to follow new clients remotely, and to monetize my time even when I do not have tennis courts available.


Soccer goalkeeper coach

Katapult is the digital support for coaching youth, but also for those around them, including their parents. With my app, I can now reach the entire huge market of the professional and amateur world.


We are proud to be Swiss.🍫⛰️🧀🎾

Being Swiss means we don’t use your data for our own personal gains; your data will be hosted in Switzerland.

We respect data privacy. We also are GPDR compliant with the highest standards of security. Your e-mail address and personal data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.


With us, you’re in good hands.